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South African Drink Recipe. Buy South African Foods Online Canada. Buy South African Foods Online USA

🍍The Pine-Nut Impression

South African Drink Recipe.

An easy, sweet & refreshing way to relax this #humpday 


•3 Shots of White Rum (optional but recommended)⁣
•3 Shots Rose’s Passion Fruit Flavoured Cordial⁣
•4 Shots Sparletta Pine-Nut⁣
• 3 Basil Leaves Soda Water⁣

How to:⁣

Add all ingredients, except soda water, into a highball glass with ice, top up with soda water and stir.⁣

Garnish with a basil leaf.

How to get your South African Ingredients in Canada or the USA?

Get Rose’s Passion Fruit Flavoured Cordial⁣ here:…/roses-passionfruit-cordial-750…

Get Sparletta Pine-Nut⁣ Here:

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dFNmyYsocPupA - September 16, 2020


KHxepmhvrDIg - September 16, 2020


Friedrich - July 13, 2020

Why is that whenever I inquire at your website and others the Sparletta Pine 2L is always listed as Out of Stock or Sold Out?

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