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Safari Fruit Roll

It was a pleasure to have the guava fruit roll and not dried fruit that are loaded with sugar.

Jelly Tots-Original (100 g)

Kellogg's Strawberry Pops (350g)
Peter Van der Westhuizen
Strawberry pops

I have no problem with Aubergine foods or the delivery. However Kellogg’s has changed the recipe over the last year or two and what was once my favorite cereal is not the same anymore. Sadly my days of enjoying and eating strawberry pops is over.


Could not find Roses Kola Tonic in the USA —but now I have found it in Canada.


The chutney would have been fine, but the bottle broke in transit. You provided me with a $12 gift voucher, which I still have to use.

Memory Lane

Taking a bite of Bakers Tennis biscuits takes me down memory lane. I remember mom making fridge tart and I would try to crush a few to safe for later. They taste the same as I remember.

The biscuits were all crushed. Very disappointed

Best body warmer

Nothing beats Nestle Hot Chocolate. And I'm excited that I get to it for 2 consecutive winters...

Order review

Took ages to get here and the chocolates were all melted


The recipient of the gift was thrilled!


Not as good as rowntrees . Since nestle lowered the quality of fruit pastels and changed the name to fruit tips I only get the uk rowntrees ones . The Maynard’s ones are better than fruit tips. Although the wine gums are half the size they used to be

Excellent just had it for breakfast

Fruit dainties

The best. Cannot get enough

Can't get enough of Crosse & blackwell tangy mayonnaise

Marina Braai Salt with Pepper (400 g)

Schweppes Dry Lemon (300 ml)


The cans were damaged upon arrival.

Best chutney

None like it

Cream Soda

Love my creme soda better than coke....could drink it everyday like water so delicious

I Could Not Be Happier

Aubergine Foods is an outstanding place to shop, the selection is great and their service is second to none.

The best

Amazing just like Stoney Ginger Beer

Love it. Only need to use a little with some sparkling water and it tastes just like Stoney Ginger Beer. Reminds me of home

SIMBA Chips: Smoked Beef (125 g)

Ships late

Good store. They have good stuff but after you order they ships way late. Days after you ordered now the expected date is late too

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