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Handy Andy Eucalyptus Multipurpose Cleaning Cream, 750ml

Made in South Africa

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Handy Andy Eucalyptus Multipurpose Cleaning Cream contains 100% natural cleaning particles that remove 100% of the most stubborn dirt and grease, and is easy to rinse with no harsh residue left behind. Daily household cleaning has never been easier with Handy Andy. Degrease and protect all high-use and high traffic surfaces. Handy Andy Multipurpose Cleaning Cream powercleans and removes the most stubborn dirt. Use this tough cleaner to remove encrusted grease, burnt food residue and bathroom limescale stains. It's easy to rinse and leaves no residue, so you can enjoy a sparkling clean shine right away. Handy Andy is the No.1 selling surface cleaning brand in South Africa*, providing tough cleaning without the damage.
Handy Andy Eucalyptus Cleaning Cream is a fresh-smelling multipurpose surface cleaner suitable for all rooms.
The natural cleaning particles help you to achieve beautiful results on all surfaces, whether it’s a quick spruce, or a deep clean.

How to use

1. Apply to surface using a damp cloth, then simply wipe over and gently rinse away.
2. Do not use on linoleum, leather or textiles and avoid prolonged contact on painted wood and aluminium.


  • A multipurpose cleaning cream with 100% natural cleaning particles to remove 100% of stubborn dirt and grease.
  • Handy Andy's cleaning particles penetrate and lift dirt all around your home with no harsh residues left behind.
  • Degrease and protect all high-use and high-traffic surfaces. Handy Andy Multipurpose Cleaning Cream power cleans the most stubborn dirt.
  • Use Handy Andy for cleaning and rinsing to a beautiful shine on all household surfaces.
  • Handy Andy multipurpose cream is a tough surface power cleaner that removes encrusted grease and burnt food residue.
  • Handy Andy is the perfect multipurpose addition to your home cleaning products.

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