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Beaded Namji Doll White

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Title: Shell Headware 19"H
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These beaded Namji dolls are made by the Namji tribe in Cameroon.  Namji Dolls have been used as good luck charms and are traditionally treasured as family heirlooms.  The Namji Dolls are a symbol of fertility. 

They are beautiful to look at and add a striking piece of African art to any space but also have a fascinating history.  Namji dolls helped prepare young Namji women for their roles as mothers.  They were also kept by older women to promote fertility.  Because of their cultural heritage, Namji dolls are considered to be the finest and most beautiful dolls in Africa.  

They are made with glass beaded necklaces, cowries shells and carved out of solid pine.  Each piece is hand carved and hand beaded so please allow for slight variances as each piece is truly uniquely made.   Each piece has their own individual style and are similar but no two pieces are the same.  

These beautiful pieces of African art are a stunning addition to any living space and also make great gifts.  

These are available in a variety of sizes and styles. 

19" H

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