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Mister Sweets Eeny Meeny Miny Mo's, 125g

Made in South Africa

Original price $4.97 - Original price $4.97
Original price $4.97
$4.97 - $4.97
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Shipping & Delivery

We deliver all South African foods across the USA & the rest of the world. 

In the US, over 97% of orders arrive within 3-8 business days once picked up by the carrer. 

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Dietary Preferences; none

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Salome Joyce (Tennessee)

My first order was great, shipping was quick, the only thing I was not happy about was the crashed cookies and chocolate bar that was squashed.
I made another order today, 26 November, and made the transaction through PayPal. It went through but I still haven't got any confirmation from Aubergine. Please confirm that you got my order.
Just one last thing, I tried to order ultramel custard for months now, finally I it was in stock, so I put 2 on my order list, and went back for more shopping, as I checked out, I got noticed that the amount changed due to a product that went out of stock, it was my ultramel. I was heartbroken, really so disappointed, I felt a little cheated here. That said, I am so thankful Aubergine provides the opportunity that South Africans far from home can enjoy products that makes us us feel close to home again. Thank you so much for that. Kind regards, Salomé Joyce