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The Owner

Born into a farming family in the Western Cape of South Africa, farming and food production is a passion and skill passed down to Leon through many generations.

And when his journey brought him to Canada, he brought that skill & passion with him.

Over the years, Leon has utilized his extensive expertise & experience in specialty foods to not only serve the Afrikaans & Jewish communities of Vancouver Island but also individuals & retailers all across Canada/The United States!


Aubergine Specialty Foods, commonly called "a hidden gem in Victoria," specializes in delivering quality South African & Kosher foods to the Afrikaans & Jewish Communities of Vancouver Island.

Over the years, and hosting countless South African events, Aubergines' has grown into a highly-valued community cornerstone in Victoria, British Columbia.

Our Mission

We strongly believe in keeping in touch with our roots and strive to allow every single South African living in all of Canada to enjoy their childhood favorites and feel closer to home.

 Join Us!

We would love for you to be a part of our story! Have experiences to share about living in Canada as a South African? Have Recipes? Want to connect with one of Canada's largest South African communities? Join us on Facebook or Instagram! We can't wait to hear from you!

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